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Torpedo Men is a completely new concept. Nothing compares. Use the map to find guys, parties and professionals. Host or join parties. Pros can share rates and availability with clients or model apps with producers. Share photos and videos. Works on both mobile and desktop. This is a free site, but has an affiliate program! Best conversions on planet.  |  Hookup/Pro Resource

Dark Alley VOD

Dark Alley the official video-on-demand site of Dark Alley Media, featuring both streaming and downloadable full-length DVD titles. Spearheaded by producers Owen Hawk and Matthias von Fistenberg, Dark Alley has always focused on the grittier underground of gay sexuality and is one of the top producers of bareback and fisting movies.  |  VOD

Looks Meets Brains


PPVNetworks launched its first platform in 2001. Over the years it has undergone significant behind-the-scenes and front-end overhauls. Unlike competitors, we don't use off-the-shelf software. We have a team of computer scientists and product architects who have designed the optimal money-making machine for our partners and an uncompromising experience for end-users.


Our platform is the culmination of taking what we learned over the course of many years running adult websites and architecting the optimal platform for ease-of-use, quality DRM-protected, high-definition, multi-platform, dynamically watermarked streaming. Scalable, built on a world-class cloud platform our sites can handle nearly infinite demand. Disaster recovery, our infrastructure can withstand a nuclear attack with resources replicated across multiple continents.


PPVNetworks allows for multiple revenue models, including membership and video-on-demand products. Whether you're a producer, an affiliate or an end-user, you'll quickly discover the advantage of our sites.


Key advantages:


  • Highly-scalable infrastructure built on leading global cloud platform. Availability, growth and peak performance are never a concern.


  • Quality of service. Content is delivered in an optimized format based on user's environment. For example, Apple IOS devices receive HLS whereas Android devices receive H.264. Users can adjust quality to suit their needs up to 1280p.


  • Proprietary technology. Only PPVNetworks offers digital rights management, copy protection and dynamic watermarking. This patent-pending technology allows us to identify the source of any stolen or illegally uploaded content, and the ability to block future malicious activity.


  • Content management. PPVNetworks archived all source content forever to future-proof video delivery. Technology evolves and we evolve with it, gracefully.


  • Efficiency. Utilizing up to thousands of dynamically instantiated transcoders, we can encode any amount of content in near realtime.


  • Automated marketing. Efficient tools and processes to generate tube clips, deliver newsletters, deliver tweets and tumblr posts, RSS feeds, affiliate updates.


  • Credit card processing. PCI compliant, fraud abatement, redundant merchant accounts, cascaded international billing and many other features to maximize conversions and maintain continuous availability under any circumstances.


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You've got the looks, we've got the brains.

Let's make lots of money.


Looks Meets Brains